Business Intelligence

    Our Business Intelligence solutions provide our customers with a complete information platform, beginning with the planning process through to reporting & analytical tools:

    • Ad-hoc-analysis of huge data amounts (Drill-down, Slice, Dice)
    • Export of analysis to PowerPoint, Excel, pdf etc.
    • Business charts
    • Dashboards with KPIs und trend indicators
    • Data mining
    • Analytical CRM, campaign optimization


    Ad hoc Analysis

    An underlying characteristic of the ad hoc analysis is that at the beginning the user doesn’t really know what will be of relevance to analyze at the end. The user will develop his demands ad hoc, based on gathered insights. For example, the creation of key figures about customers, products, market places and the payment behaviors in order to maintain an overview of the current business status and to be able to determine opportunities for the future. The user needs tools with which he can dynamically create the analysis. In order to achieve this, the data has to be provided very accurately. With this data the user can decide individually, if the key figures are to be presented in detail or whether they should be consolidated. For the presentation of the figures, graphical images or drill downs are available. This type of analysis requires a high performing system where the OLAP-Tools remain highly flexible and easy to manage.

    Our approach

    • To determine, together with the specific department, which data pool must be put together and from which system will the necessary data be provided
    • Subsequently,  it is decided which reports, analysis and which presentations should be created
    • Afterwards, a data warehouse or a data mart will be built up as a basis for the analysis
    • Data will be imported from the external systems into the analysis data pool via the ETL tools
    • OLAP cubes that meet the needs of the specific department are then created
    • Analysis and Reports, for e.g. external reporting systems, are subsequently created

    Data Mining

    Data Mining

    With data mining, you can identify early signs of critical changes in customer and market behaviors. Future occurrences can be better forecasted and furthermore, potential opportunities can be faster identified and evaluated.

    The aim of introducing data mining in campaign management is to:

    • Analyze customer purchasing behaviors
    • Identify product groups
    • Plan adequate campaigns with these product groups
    • Verify the campaign results

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