impetus® tracking Management System

In today’s technologically advance world and with the increasing need to network, more and more companies are facing with the challenge of maintaining an overview of their complex IT system landscapes.

The impetus® tracking Management System captures your system landscape in detail and provides clarity about dependencies and data flow, even breaking it down to the data field level.

Our Services:

  • itMS delivers a complete depiction of the entire IT architecture.
  • Take advantage of the documentation of your IT system landscape including all data flows and dependencies.
  • Leverage our integrated workflow tool for modelling of client specific business processes.
  • Always on schedule when it comes to completion of tasks with deadline monitoring.
  • All information is available in a rational database and can be processed anytime.
  • Comprehensive transparency of IT processes and data flows supports decision making
  • Keep your systems up and running without the need of any downtimes due to decentralized system mapping within the specific departments.

In a nutshell: A transparent software landscape reduces complexity, decreases costs and increases IT productivity.

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